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Violin and Music Sheet

El Sistema Finland ry

The starting point for Tempo is social, modeled on the Venezuelan El Sistema, a method of music education. The association increases the partnership between the children and young people involved in the activities and increases interaction between families. The goal is to support social growth and promote well-being by developing life skills such as self-confidence, caring for and valuing others, and finding emotional sensitivity.

El sistema Finland ry is an umbrella organization for member organizations operating in Finland. The purpose of the association is primarily to act as an organizer, developer and promoter of playing teaching and orchestral activities for children and young people in accordance with system pedagogy nationwide. International networks in the field are an important part of TEMPO education and teaching.

The association makes the activities known and, through orchestral activities and teachers, raises awareness for those interested in the field and promotes the use of social and art-based working methods. The purpose of El Sistema Finland ry's activities is to support the cohesion and interaction skills of children and young people from different backgrounds in an atmosphere that encourages them, especially through music, but also through other participatory activities.

El Sistema Finland ry cooperates with various parties whose activities support children's and young people's playing teaching and orchestral activities in accordance with the system pedagogy through the joy and experiential nature of co-making.

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